Testimonials from PES Scholars

Read what PES Scholars are saying about how the scholarship has helped them. See additional, in-depth PES Scholar Profiles.

  • Being selected as a PES Scholar has granted me confidence in pursuing a career in power engineering. The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus program has provided me with valuable opportunities to explore career opportunities, to continue my membership in both IEEE and PES to learn and network with professional engineers and company representatives.   — Frank G. from California State Polytechnic - Pomona

  • The PES scholarship has helped support me in my goals to become an active participant in the energy industry. I've been able to leverage resources at the university level and also acquire relevant work experience. Upon graduation, I'm excited to continue learning and contributing to the quickly changing world of energy. — Jamie H. from Drexel University

  • Being named a PES Scholar was one of the main motivating factors which caused me to explore the power and energy field. The financial assistance I received from this program allowed me to better manage my monetary situation while in college and allowed me to focus more heavily on school. The scholarship program also provided a great incentive to take courses in the power and energy field. — Evan K. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Receiving the IEEE PES scholarship has helped me secure my future as an energy engineer. The scholarship will allow me to finish my undergraduate studies debt-free and will enable me to go directly into graduate studies.  — Wesley J. from University of North Carolina - Charlotte

  • Receiving the IEEE PES scholarship helped me decide to commit to a career in power. Power was my original area of interest in electrical engineering, but with so many other options, I wasn't sure if I should stick with it. This program helped me realize that power engineering is still as needed today as it has ever been. — Jonathon N. from Seattle Pacific University

  • Receiving the IEEE PES scholarship has been an honor and encouraged me to pursue my ambition to become a power engineer. The IEEE PES scholarship gave me credibility and led to many other opportunities in the academia as well as in the industry. — Stephanie G. from McGill University

  • Being selected as a PES Scholar has validated my career choice as an electrical engineer and further motivated me to excel in my studies and continue to learn about the power engineering field. — Emily P. from Northeastern University

  • Being named a PES Scholar has tremendous value. It gives me the recognition of having outstanding work ethic, both academically and professionally. It gives me additional opportunities to continue my education throughout my professional career. But most importantly, it gives me another reason to reinvest in higher education. — Jimmy N. from Tennessee Technological University

  • Being a PES Scholar has allowed me to be exposed to areas of power engineering and really broaden my understanding to the true extent of the power engineering field.  — John H. from Washington State University

  • To me, being named a PES Scholar is a true honor. It is a constant reminder that there is a demand for younger engineers to step into the power engineering industry. — Ian J. from Stony Brook University

  • Being a nontraditional student, my costs for attending school extend well beyond those that a traditional student is burdened with. Receiving this scholarship helps to offset the costs of school, making it easier to put a roof over my children's heads and food on the table.  — Joshua R. from University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Being a PES Scholar has solidified my motivations for pursuing a career in power systems. Being selected out of a group of my peers has made me feel more potential within myself to make an impact in the future. — Josh M. from University of Washington

  • Before I was named a PES Scholar, I had an interest in the power and energy field, but I wasn't certain. Being named a PES Scholar has solidified my decision to continue in the field, most likely towards graduate studies and then industry work. The scholarship funds have allowed me to focus on coursework and begin a research project related to power and energy. I would not be as focused as I am in the power and energy field without the PES Scholars program.  — David S. from Washington University in St. Louis