Important Dates for Scholarship Applications & Renewals

Calendar — Each year you'll have to submit a renewal application, so this schedule applies for all three years.

  • 1 March - Application Period Begins
  • 30 June  -  Deadline to complete the online scholarship application form. 
  • 30 September - You'll be notified whether you've received the award (or whether your award was renewed).  First-time recipients will be asked to provide supplemental information before the check can be disbursed.  Renewal recipients must renew their IEEE and PES membership for the upcoming year.
  • 31 October - Scholarship award funds will be distributed to the school.
  • 28 February - If you haven't been able to find career experience by this date, you should notify IEEE PES immediately, and we will provide assistance.
  • 31 August  - Your career experience for the year should be completed by around this time—in other words, we expect you to get your career experience by the end of summer before your next year in the program.

Co-op Programs: We understand that if you're in a cooperative program, it may work on a different schedule than the one listed above for internships. You'll need to describe the co-op arrangements in your renewal application. If your institution has a mandatory co-op program, you'll need to ask for help from IEEE PES three months before the start of the co-op cycle, to give us time to ensure your success.

Information for Renewal Applications

Congratulations on being selected to be a PES Scholar by the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative! This is an accomplishment in which you should truly be proud.

You can use the resources below to get more information on completing the award process, important deadlines and resources and how to get further information.

Important Dates

Please carefully review the following important dates and deadlines to ensure that your award can be made. 

  • June 30 - Deadline for renewal application
  • October - Deadline for supplementary information submission (Date subject to change)
  • November -  Dispersal of scholarship funds to universities to PES Scholars who have submitted required supplemental information.
  • November—April -  Find a Career Experience (internship, cooperative or research experience)
  • 1 March - Applicaiton period opens

Beyond the Initiative - Beyond the Initiative, PES offers several resources for you as a student, when you transition to a new professional, and when you become a leader in the industry.

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