Addressing a Critical Power & Energy Engineering Workforce Shortage

The industry is facing an unprecedented engineering workforce shortfall. It is estimated that the U.S. energy industry may experience as much as a 50% turnover in power and energy engineers over the next five-ten years.

The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative was developed by the PES Workforce Collaborative to address this challenge by increasing the supply of well-qualified, entry-level engineers to the power and energy industry. Students in the program will acquire the relevant academic background and career experience that will position them to become the generation of innovators who can address the 21st century challenges facing the power and energy industry.

The support of the power and energy industry is critical to the success of this Initiative. The two main avenues of opportunity for industry are in the areas of career experience and financial contributions. Donors may provide either or both. 

Industry can also help in other ways to encourage students to choose a career in power and energy. These include capstone projects; university visits to speak with faculty, deans and students; participation in career fairs; informational seminars; webinars; and mentor relationships.

A PES representative can provide more information on these options.

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PES Careers  

Offer Career Experiences to PES Scholars

Why Offer Career Experiences?

  • Students are attracted to power engineering if they do real work, thus increasing the pool of possible employees.
  • Students tend to want to take a job with companies where they have had a career experience.
  • Students spread the word about good companies when they go back to school after a career experience such as an internship.
  • Students can do real work while learning about your company.
  • Companies are better able to evaluate the contributions that a student could make as a full-time employee.
  • Companies learn about what it takes to interest a student in a job and what it takes to give a young employee job satisfaction, thereby boosting retention rates.

What Qualifies as a Career Experience?

Most companies already offer career experiences for students in the form of internships, co-ops or other programs. Our PES Scholars are expected to participate in one such experience each year in order to renew their scholarship. Often this will be a summer engineering internship with a company involved the electric power and energy sector.

Why Select PES Scholars for Our Positions?

By their nature of being awarded the scholarship, PES Scholars come to you pre-screened. They all have a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, are clearly motivated and interested in power engineering and have support from a faculty member or previous mentor. 

Will My Company be Recognized for Providing Career Experience Opportunities to PES Scholars?

Yes. At your pleasure we will list your organization in our promotional material. 

How do I Hire PES Scholars?

You can find PES Scholars through the PES-Careers service.  PES-Careers is uniquely designed to help students in the U.S. and Canada find a power engineering job or an internship, and to help employers to efficiently find the best candidates for those positions.

It is a free service of the IEEE Power & Energy Society. The service is not limited to PES Scholars or companies offering career experiences. It's easy and efficient to use, and allows companies to contact many students quickly. It even has a smartphone app for students! More than 1,000 students and 300 companies are already using it.

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