Gain Real World Experience through Engineering Internship and Co-Ops

The importance of real-world experience for electrical power engineering students cannot be understated. That's why the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative┬« helps facilitate engineering internships and co-ops for PES Scholars to gain hands-on learning experience in power and energy engineering. PES is uniquely equipped to help students find power engineering internships and co-ops. 

A key component of our program is for each of our scholarship recipients to participate in a meaningful career experience during each year that they are in the program. PES Scholars are required to complete a power and energy engineering internship or co-op in order to be eligible to renew their scholarship.

PES Scholars are high achievers with strong GPAs and distinctive extracurricular commitments, which makes them ideal candidates for internships. They are also individuals who are particularly eager to gain hands-on engineering experience. Internship experience in specialized fields such as Smart Grid are also a great way for students to explore different career directions if they are uncertain about what interests them.

Several companies and organizations have contacted us directly to offer positions to PES Scholars. PES Scholars have reported having an internship/co-op at more than 160 companies/organizations across the USA and Canada.

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You can visit the following websites to search for internships:

Stay Connected: Professional Networking

So you have your degree. Congratulations! Now what?

Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in the industry by renewing your IEEE and PES membership as a professional or graduate student member. As a new graduate, you can join IEEE Young Professionals.  IEEE and PES have programs targeted to young professionals that include mentoring, professional development webinars, networking opportunities and more.