Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is encouraging engineers to focus on the power and energy industry, which is facing challenges such as making renewable energy sources cost effective and stepping into the shoes of retiring engineers. One way to address this challenge is to recognize new talent, and with this scholarship SEL celebrates the following individuals as one of the most promising engineers in the United States and in North America. Below are the students who have been selected as Schweitzer Meritorious Scholars by IEEE region, including their names, schools and expected graduation year.

Region 1 (Northeastern USA)

  • Kelly Higinbotham, University of Connecticut, May 2018
  • Ami Vyas, Boston University, May 2017

Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic USA)

  • Matthew Marcou, Drexel University, June 2017
  • Mary Scherer, Ohio State University, May 2017

Region 3 (Southeastern USA)

  • Ryan Bailey, University of North Carolina – Charlotte, May 2018
  • Oceane Boulais, Florida Atlantic University, August 2017
  • Molly Fink, Georgia Institute of Technology,  May 2017
  • Kyle Swezey, University of South Florida, May 2017

Region 4 (Mid-West USA)

  • Abigail Wild, University of Saint Thomas, May 2017

Region 5 (Southwestern USA)

  • Benjamin Jack, Texas A&M University, May 2017

Region 6 (Western USA)

  • Alexa Aguilar, University of Idaho, May 2017
  • Christopher Ellis, University of California San Diego, June 2017
  • Ryan Fraser, Gonzaga University, May 2017
  • Erika Isom, Washington State University, May 2017
  • Christopher Knox, Washington State University, May 2017
  • Jared Mahoney, University of Idaho, December 2017
  • Tobin Meyers, Arizona State University, May 2019

Region 7 (Canada)

  • Yilin Zhao,  University of Calgary,  June 2018

Region 9 (Puerto Rico)

  • Carlos A. Falto Valentin, University of Puerto Rico, December 2017