Zachary Smith - Auburn University
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I am a senior in Electrical Engineering at Auburn University, and I will graduate in the spring of 2018. I have co-opted with the energy-engineering department at Auburn University, so I realize the importance of being aware of unnecessary energy consumption. I appreciated the opportunity to help Auburn University drive down its energy costs. I particularly enjoy learning about energy efficiency and techniques used by energy engineers to reduce energy consumption.

I am aware of the demand for clean, efficient energy. Unnecessary energy waste and carbon emissions have a serious effect on climate change. We could see the serious consequences of climate change within the next thirty years if steps aren’t taken to reduce unnecessary energy expenditures. Therefore, my energy engineering experience has allowed me to consider the following question: What steps can I take to provide the world with clean, renewable energy? I find energy and power engineering to be a very meaningful career path for these reasons.

I love that the power engineering field provides me with the opportunity to give people a better life. My PES mentor has been on mission trips to provide third world communities with a power grid. A long-term goal of mine is to lead trips like this one. A career that enables me to provide power to less fortunate communities is certainly exciting!

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  • 1)    Better connections with professors. Since he’s recognized me for the PES scholarship, the head of the EE department and I have met to discuss the opportunity to do undergraduate research with a professor in the EE department.
  • 2)    A PES mentor has provided me with much needed career advice. When choosing between two internship opportunities this past summer, I asked for my mentor’s input. He gave me some professional advice that allowed me to make the right decision.
  • 3)    A PES mentor has also allowed me to see the opportunities that a career as a power or energy engineer offers. My past experience with energy engineering and his career advice have steered me toward a career path in the power/energy industry.

January 2017