Lakel ZachZachariah Lakel - University of Colorado - Boulder

I am attending the University of Colorado – Boulder with an expected graduation date of May 2017.  I am electrical engineering major with an emphasis in electric power with control systems being another area of interest.

In my previous career, I assisted with the sale of electric power stations and utilities. In the course of this work, I came into contact with power engineering and found it very interesting. Consequently, when it became advisable for me to change careers, electrical engineering and power engineering in particular was a natural choice to study.

I enjoy the challenge of ensuring that customers have access to the electric energy they need, regardless of the amount, with extraordinary reliability. I find exciting the opportunities provided by new technologies entering the power engineering field, such as the possibility of a fully SCADA-connected distribution grid.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  1. 1)    Less student loans, thereby allowing me more freedom to find a career that is professionally rewarding.
  2. 2)    More opportunities for professional development and to connect with professionals in the power engineering field.
  3. 3)    Greater notice by potential employers, making the aforementioned professionally rewarding career more likely.