Meyers TobinTobin Meyers - Arizona State University


I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University with an estimated graduation date of May 2018. Since I am going to graduate in three years and ASU is providing me with a four-year academic scholarship, I additionally plan to complete the accelerated Masters program and receive my Masters in Power Systems Engineering by May 2019. Besides Power Engineering, I enjoy Computer Science and automation.

After being intrigued with the radio communication systems at my high school job, I worked towards my Amateur Radio certification and learned about the innards of circuitry along the way. Even though I loved Chemistry in high school, I found Chemical Engineering to be extremely tedious and decided Electrical Engineering would provide more opportunities to innovate the modern world. However, while working and studying within the field of Electrical Engineering, I saw Power Engineering provides the greatest overlap of business and science while also improving the lives of others.

My biggest motivating factor for Power Engineering is the reliance the modern world has on electricity. By working in this field, I will be able to supply my community with a much-needed commodity and provide myself with a stable and enjoyable career. Additionally, Power is the only Electrical Engineering field to place value upon the Professional Engineer title (and provide the means to achieve it), a milestone in my Engineering career I am highly looking forward to achieving.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

1)    Financial aid to further my education and become a step closer to becoming a Professional Engineer.

2)    Recognition for my academic achievements.

3)    Motivation to further push myself to become the best Engineer I can.