Tiffany Fideldy - Minnesota State University, MankatoFideldy Tiffany

I am attending Minnesota State University, Mankato and a participate in the Iron Range Engineering program.  I expect to graduate with my BSEE in the Spring of 2017 with a focus in power, electrical design and forensic electrical.

Studying engineering was something that I had considered many years ago, but never pursued. I was prompted to return to college for engineering while working as an account receivable manager for a local construction company. The company allowed me to visit the site we were working on at the Minnesota Power – Boswell Energy Center. While on site, I visited with a few engineers and learned about power generation. After that I began to do research on electrical engineering and just a few short months later was back in college, pursuing my electrical engineering degree. I have always been interested in electricity but was never certain how to make a career out of it until I began researching electrical engineering. Power engineering interested me because I believe that I will be helping society. I hope to do work that will bring electricity to those that don’t have access to it currently and to assist with the continual distribution to those that currently have it.

The power engineering field is an innovative field that helps continually improve our existing power systems. It is always changing and advancing, which is what I love. I believe in the importance of continual improvement and I look forward to playing my part in this field. The power field is constantly presented with challenges that the industry must overcome which allows a person to apply creative solutions to problems. This type of problem solving expands a person’s knowledge and abilities to solve future problems. The power field is one that will always be required because the society we live in requires electricity to function. As an electrical engineer, I look forward to these challenges and new ideas to help improve our current system and to make them more efficient in the future.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

Being a PES Scholar has allowed me to propel forward in my electrical engineering degree. IEEE presents so many opportunities to the PES Scholars that support students as they complete their degrees. There are many resources that a student can take advantage of the help them be successful. Returning to college for this degree has presented some challenges and one of the largest has been financial. The scholarship that I received has been monumentally helpful in overcoming the financial burden of returning to school. I am so grateful to have been selected to be one of the PES Scholars and I look forward to seeing what I’m able to achieve with the support of IEEE!

January 2017