Sydney Senger PES ScholarSydney Senger - Valparaiso University


I am a junior electrical engineering major from Valparaiso University. My interests have led me to pursue internships in the nuclear power field, and I have had internships working both at the corporate level and this upcoming summer on site at a nuclear power generation station.

I chose to study engineering because I like helping people, and engineering is the way to help the greatest number of people and influence their lives in a positive manner. I like power engineering because I see it as the foundation that the rest of engineering builds upon - if the lights do not turn on, it is hard to do research.

I love that the fact that the power engineering field is so complex and necessary, and that it affects so many people’s lives. I have a passion for clean energy and making the world a better place while also advancing in technology and quality of life.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  • I have become more involved with my university IEEE chapter.
  • Because of the money coming in for my tuition, I am able to afford a study abroad trip to Ireland over spring break.
  • My father has worked in the power industry since he graduated college as an electrical engineer, and it incredible to be able to follow in his footsteps.

January 2017