Samuel Fakorede - Georgia Southern UniversityFakorede Samuel

I am attending Georgia Southern University as an Electrical Engineering major. I expect to graduate in May 2018.

My family is from Nigeria and I spent the first few years of my life living over there. Growing up in Nigeria, I discovered firsthand what it meant to struggle with constant electricity supply. Power was not always available every hour of the day because Nigeria was not generating enough power.  As such, the power had to be distributed in such a way that everyone had some level of access to it. We took turns to utilize power when it came on. I knew deep down in my heart that there had to be a better way. I believe that was what motivated me to pursue a degree in power engineering.

I love power engineering because it is so intertwined with our daily lives that we don't know what to do without it. Nowadays, people say they can't survive without the internet but without electricity, the internet wouldn't even exist.

The future of power engineering excites me a great deal - Electric cars, solar energy, wind energy and other renewable forms of energy.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  1. PES has given me a focused sense of direction.
  2. PES has made me more accountable.
  3. PES has provided me a platform to network and be mentored.

January 2017