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I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and will graduate in May 2018. I am focusing in Power Systems Engineering, and am pursuing minors in Computer Science and Environmental & Sustainability Studies.

I chose to study engineering because I loved physics, math, and problem solving. I wanted to have a career that would focus on big picture sustainability problems, but also would let me use my skills and would give me daily work that I would enjoy and excel at. This led me to become interested in a career in power engineering focused on renewable & alternative energy and energy efficiency.

I am excited that a career in power engineering will allow me to use my skills and passion for electrical engineering to work on renewable energy and advancing our energy systems. I love that power engineering and electric power drive every electronic device, and that we rely on power (and thus power engineers) for most of what we do in the developed world. This makes power engineering a really important career.

I also love that power engineering lets you deal with electrical engineering on a bigger scale. Big currents and voltages are serious business, but they also add a level of excitement along with the risk they bring. But power engineering is also a great field to be in because it's advancing quickly into the digital age, and will require all different aspects of electrical engineering to work together to make the grid smarter and more efficient.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  1. Receiving this scholarship and all of the accompanying information has given me great resources to easily find jobs in the power industry.
  2. I really appreciated being recognized for my efforts as a student in power and energy at WPI's annual ECE event, the Spark Party.
  3. The financial aspect of the scholarship means a lot to my family and me. It means there's less pressure on me to work extra hours on top of my classes, and gives me more of a chance to focus on getting the most out of my education.

January 2017