Novy Rebecca 01Rebecca Novy - University of Utah

I am a junior at the University of Utah, planning to graduate in spring of 2018. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power Engineering. I am interested in microgrids and distributed energy sources, but I am also eager to explore more of the field of Power Engineering.

I chose to study engineering after working with an inspiring mentor on my FIRST Robotics team in high school. Power engineering in particular appeals to me because I am intrigued by how complicated the power grid is, like getting my hands dirty in the field, and am excited by upcoming changes centered around renewable energy.

I love that the power engineering field is evolving so quickly as renewables and better sensing technology comes online. It allows more opportunities to work in the field (in industrial settings) than any other emphasis area. Power generation/distribution is a vast, complicated system that everyone relies on buy very few people stop to think about.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

Since being selected as a PES scholar I have gotten to know more industry professionals through the local PES chapter. I have also become closer to professors in the Power Engineering Field at my university, which may lead to research positions or even graduate school. Last but not least, I am able to concentrate full time on my studies during the school year without having to worry as much about finances.