Who am I?De La Salle

PES Scholar - 2015

I'm an electrical engineering student at the University of Ottawa and will be graduating in April 2017. My academic emphasis has been on power systems and renewable technologies. I have internship experience working on solar energy projects at the University of Ottawa solar research lab, SUNLAB, as well as experience in transmission and distribution with an Ontario power company, Hydro One.

Why did you choose to study engineering and the power engineering field?

I chose engineering because I love to find out how things work. I chose electrical engineering in particular due to its relevance in our modern life. My favourite classes have been power classes and so I've started to consider a career in this field.

What do you love about the power engineering field?

What excites you about being involved in the PE field? I love power engineering because of the impact it has on our society. It's an extremely important field, and always will be. I look forward to working in this field and facing the challenges of our evolving electricity grid.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

Becoming a PES scholar has encouraged me to pursue a career in power engineering. The resources available has helped me learn more about power engineering as well as secure an internship at a power company.

January 2016