Krista Miguel - California State University Fresno Miguel Krista IEEE PES

I am studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics at Fresno State will graduate in May 2017. I have chosen to pursue a career in power, but more specifically, I am interested in the electric utility industry.

I chose to study engineering because my father works in the engineering industry. He designs fire alarm systems. Having that influence caused me to be interested in learning more about the electrical engineering field. I felt that the best way to do that was to choose that as my major. When I first started out in electrical engineering, I did not yet know what area of electrical engineering that I wanted to choose as the path I would follow upon graduation. I became interested in the power field after doing a couple internships where I was exposed to the power engineering field. I realized that this was the best fit for me and I really enjoyed it.

I love that the power engineering field is so diverse. There is so much to learn with so many opportunities for jobs. I can't imagine ever getting bored with the power engineering industry and I'm excited to graduate soon and start that career journey. I am excited to be part of the power engineering field because I am fascinated by the electric grid and how it powers our world. Nothing else would work if it weren't for power engineering and it is exciting to be part of something so critical to our world.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

Being selected as a PES Scholar means a lot to me as I approach graduation. I received the scholarship at the beginning of my senior year. As many who have finished their senior year know, at this point in our undergraduate careers we start to run out of "fuel" as we near the end of degree requirements. Being named a PES Scholar was like being gassed up to finish out the year stronger. Being recognized in such a way gives a student that extra motivation to keep working hard and finish strong and this has certainly been true for me this year. Additionally the financial support has allowed me to leave my part time job so that I can focus on my last semester of school without any financial strains to worry about. Finally, being recognized as a PES Scholar has given me connection to recruiting companies as I look for my first full time job that I otherwise wouldn't be connected to if I wasn't a PES Scholar.