Stephens JeffJeffrey Stephens - Colorado School of Mines

I am Electrical Engineering major attending the Colorado School of Mines. I expect to graduate in May 2017. I am focused on the Power Systems side of EE and have been working in System Protection Engineering as an intern for over a year now.

I was first introduced to the power engineering field by my Circuits I professor, Ravel Ammerman. I was instantly hooked and have stuck with it ever since.

Power engineering is a proven science that revolves around things humans are physically unable to see. This will be fascinating as we move toward more microprocessor based controls. I like the fact that each person has to create their own mental rendering of what is actually happening and going on in the power field.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

  • Financially I am far less burdened.
  • I have met many new professors as well as leaders in industry.
  • During full-time interviews, every employer I spoke with highlighted the achievement.

January 2017