Chris Calderwood - Boise State University08

I am an Electrical Engineering major at Boise State University. I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in December of 2018 and my area of emphasis will be power engineering.

Through my military service, I was provided with the opportunity to go back to school. The veterans vocational rehab program did some testing on me and suggested to go into engineering. My previous degree is in Diesel Equipment Technology and I had enjoyed electrical troubleshooting. I also repaired 3kw to 60kw generators in the military. For these reasons, I became interested in the power engineering field.

What I love about the power engineering field is that it will always be in demand. It is also a field that is evolving. There is an ever-increasing need for more renewable sources of power and ways to integrate them into our existing infrastructures.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?

I have found that being a PES Scholar has a positive impact on my resume. It is one of the first things that are commented on when I present my resume for internship opportunities. Since receiving the scholarship, I have also received emails from IEEE about possible internship opportunities. I am grateful to have been selected for this scholarship, it will keep my focused on my studies and not on the cost of school.

January 2017