Lane ArthurArthur Lane - Gonzaga University

I am majoring in electrical engineering at Gonzaga University with an emphasis in electrical energy and power and I plan to graduate in spring 2019. I enjoy doing project management, which I do both at work and with my family to help manage our properties. I also greatly enjoy running and biking, and I completed my first marathon this summer.

I have enjoyed the process and exactness behind math and science from a young age, which has inspired me to always gear my course load towards these subjects. Also, my constant exposure to hydroelectric and wind facilities has built for me a fascination in the operation of these significant pieces of equipment. Finally, I want to work in the power engineering field specifically because so much room for growth and development exists in it and I hope to be a part of it as I continue in my career.

I love the fact that power will always be a necessity in our society, which means that there always improvements that we can make to our current systems. I also love how much the power engineering field has been expanding between electric powered cars and solar fields, and I really want to be involved in helping bring these major changes about.

The power and energy field has the potential to affect everyone in the world in some way or another whether it is a new development that will introduce a new way for generating power or just increasing the reliability and efficiency of current systems. There will always be room for growth in this field and I hope that I can contribute to the technological advancements in this field that are sure to occur in the very near future.

How has been selected as a PES Scholar impacted you?     

As a PES scholar I have received extra encouragement to continue my focus in the electrical energy and power field, and it has shown me how important this career will be for myself and others. I look forward to taking electives my junior and senior year where I can really begin to focus in on this field.

I have also had the opportunity to use online resources to learn about presenting myself in a professional setting and to potential employers. I am sure that this knowledge will give me an advantage in the future as I explore different career options and find a job that I can truly be passionate about.

Finally, my IEEE membership has given me access to many events, articles, and subscriptions about the power and energy field. As I read and listen to professionals who have many years of experience I learn more and more about how I can contribute to this expanding field and the skills that I will need going forward in order to have a successful career.