Future Power and Energy Leaders

The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative supports the most promising future engineers in power and energy. Recipients are high-achieving undergraduate students in electrical engineering programs who have committed to exploring the power and energy engineering field through both coursework and career experiences. PES regional volunteer leaders select recipients following the application submission period ending in June of each year. Within a few years, these promising students will graduate with the knowledge and career experience necessary to begin making an impact across the power and energy industry.


Year List of Recipients # of PES Scholars # of Schools
2020-2021 Recipients 118 65
2019-2020 Recipients 135 78
2018-2019 Recipients 174 96
2017-2018 Recipients 210 101
2016-2017 Recipients 230 111
2015-2016 Recipients 209 105
2014-2015 Recipients 184 95
2013-2014 Recipients 224 117
2012-2013 Recipients 224 100
2011-2012 Recipients 93 51

All scholarship recipients are:

  • Declared undergraduate students of electrical and computer engineering
  • Enrolled at accredited universities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada
  • High achievers with strong GPAs and distinctive extracurricular commitments
  • Committed to exploring the power and energy field
  • Committed to enrolling in at least three power engineering courses
  • Eager to explore the field through career experiences
  • U.S. or Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Please contact a PES representative to discuss how your organization can involve PES Scholars in your student work experience program.