How to get started on your Power & Energy Career

promo scholarship smDo you have what it takes to qualify for the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative? If so, you can receive up to three years of financial support (total of US$7,000) and gain career experience through internships and co-op work. The award process is competitive, but as long as you continue to meet the requirements, you'll receive US$2,000 the first year, US$2,000 the second year, and US$3,000 the third year¹, and the funds will be paid directly to your school and applied to your student account. Qualifying students can apply as early as their freshman year. You may already be in an electrical engineering program, or just considering one. Find out if you qualify!

Career experience opportunities will be made available to PES Scholars through leading industry companies via PES-Careers. You don't have to find your internship, work-study, or co-op through PES Careers, but you will be required to have one significant career experience each year in order to renew your scholarship.

The annual application period is 1 March to 30 June.

¹ You'll have to reapply each June for the following academic year, but the funds are set aside, and as long as you continue to be eligible, you'll continue to receive funds.