Cato and DoneenWant to tackle challenges, make a difference and save the world? Join thousands of power and energy engineers who are developing solutions to our biggest energy challenges, including new green energy vehicles, building the smart grid and working to develop sustainable energy alternatives.

Getting an internship is an important step in starting a career in the power & energy field.  Over 160 companies have hired a PES Scholar for an internship with many of these individual obtaining a full time position at the company they internships. Find out if you qualify for an IEEE PES Scholarship.

Power and energy engineers play a critical role in our health, welfare and safety. Did you ever wonder what your life would be like without electricity? In what ways do you use power and energy? How does your home or school get its power? Would you like to improve the reliability of your electric power service? Can you see yourself increasing the amount of wind energy or solar energy used in generating electricity? Do you want to use your creativity to solve local, or perhaps global, energy problems? You can help by becoming a power and energy engineer!

Learn more about becoming a power and energy engineer by viewing a video "Power Engineering Careers that make technology work".

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