Meet Our PES Scholars

Individuals selected as PES Scholars are high-achieving undergraduate students in electrical engineering programs who have committed to exploring the power and energy engineering field through both coursework and career experiences.  Click below to read what PES Scholars are saying about how the scholarship has helped them. 

   aguilar alexa          Ahmed Syed          Backes Iowa State 01

Alexa Aguilar
University of Idaho 

Syed Ahmed
Texas Tech University

Matthew Backes
Iowa State University
 Bailey Ryan 08  Boulais Florida Atlantics Award Presentation 02

Ryan Bailey 
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Alyssa Bezreh  
Northeastern University

Oceane Boulais  
Florida Atlantic University

 Summer Tennessee 01  08 Conger julila web 
Summer Church
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
 Adriana Cisco
New York University
 Julia Conger
Universityof Texas at Austin
 De La Salle  Ellis Christopher Franco Ben 
Lianne de la Salle
University of Ottawa

Christopher Ellis
University of California, San Diego 

Benjamin Franco
Wentworth Instiute of Technology
 Garcia Frank Cal Poly HENAAC Conference 2014 v02 Gaskill Anthony OSU v02 Haddad Dany 

 Frank Garcia
California State Polytechnic Univ. of Pomona

Anthony Gaskill
Oklahoma State University
Dany Haddad
University of Texas
 HasBrouck Helsdingen Ryan web  Herling Dayna
Drew HasBrouck
Northeastern University 

Ryan Helsdingen
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dayna Herling
Rochester Polytechnic Institute
 Herzog Jonathan Howard Jamie v02 travis johnson
Jonathan Herzog
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jamie Howard
Drexel University

Travis Johnson
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Koch Gillian web
langbartels zachary
Lasiuk Zach web
Gillian Koch
Stevens Institute of Technology
Zachary Langbartels
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Zachary Lasiuk
Boston University
 08 Martinson John 
Nathan J Lilly
Universiyt of Kentucky

John Martinsen
Washington State University

John D. McCoy
University of Missouri - Kansas city
 Myres Thomas
Northrup Haley
Myirinkway Herve Univ Pittsburgh 01
Thomas Myres
University of Iowa
Haley Northrup
University of Delaware
Herve Nyirinkwaya
University of Pittsburgh
 Padilla Jamie 04
Parkinson Robert web 13
Jamie Padilla
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert Parkinson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Emily Pankosky
Northeastern University
Rosen Steven v02  Scherer Mary Web 
Steven Rosen
Clemson University
Mary Scherer
Ohio State University
Joseph Sharpe
Louisiana State University
 Smith Zachary Web
Towle Anna
Troung Julia WPI 
Zachary Smith
Auburn University
Anna Towle
University of Vermont

Julia Truong
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

 Vyas Ami
Vang PESscholar web Witsell Shane web 
Ami Vyas
Boston University
Myder Vang
Michigan Technological University
Shane Witsell
San Diego State University